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The 1988 Broadcasting Act was a seminal piece of legislation in paving the way for Ireland’s independent broadcasting sector.

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‘Ours to Protect’ is a radio and audio project spearheaded by Independent Broadcasters of Ireland (IBI) which will see 23 local and regional radio stations broadcast over 1200 new and unique programmes over the course of a year – all devoted to climate change and climate action.

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The diversity of independent broadcasting is seen in the growth of radio in Ireland with specialist pop, talk, classical, country and youth stations now broadcasting on the airwaves. The strength of the sector is evidenced in the IBI currently representing the interests of two national radio stations, one multicity radio station, four regional radio stations and 27 local radio stations from across Ireland.


The mission of the IBI is to promote a strong and vibrant radio sector which reflects the preferences and needs of the listening public. The IBI represents the interests of radio station owners to the government and to the independent regulator, the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI).