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Yangaroo Music Ireland launches its digital delivery service to Irish media.

today-fms-ian-dempsey-launching-yangaroo-music-delivery-system-150x150Irish media: Radio, TV, Press and Blogs are invited to sign up on from today to receive future music releases via Yangaroo Music Ireland. Supported by the music industry and the radio industry, the system is now live, and those registered will receive a number of releases before the service becomes broadly available to the music industry from September. 2016.

President Michael D. Higgins introduces Yangaroo to Irish media with a beautiful speech on Irish music and creativity. Those already pre-registered will receive an email notification from which they can stream the speech, those registering post launch will have access to the speech in their library once logged in.

Working with the Independent Broadcasters of Ireland (IBI), all independent radio stations are pre-registered, and Yangaroo Music now invite all other media to join us by signing up at

The way in which Irish media currently receive music from outside the three major record labels is haphazard and disorganised, which is time consuming and contributes to delayed decision-making or possibly airplay. With the introduction of Yangaroo Music, Irish media will receive music in a simplified, streamlined and organised manner.

New releases by the major artists have been sent digitally for a number of years now and this is a more popular choice for the decision makers. For example, in a busy radio environment, the Head of Music receives music from national and international artists twenty different ways. Yangaroo Music will streamline the way media receive and access music. There are a number of benefits for both the music receiver and the music sender, but today, it’s all about the music receiver.

One music library. Saves time, space, and stress. There will be one location for radio/press /blogs/ TV decision makers to access the music they have been sent. Never again will they lose a CD, miss an email release, forget who sent them a release, learn how to access yet another cloud based app, spend hours converting to their preferred format. Broadcast quality audio, high resolution photographs, press releases, tour dates, and social media links can now be accessed in one location. Yangaroo Music also reduces the hosting of large audio and photo files on work/home computers, as these will always be available via each individuals library.

Yangaroo is the market leader for radio stations in Canada, the USA, South America, Australia and New Zealand. Yangaroo and IASCA CEO Sinéad Troy says, “I chose Yangaroo’s technology above all others as it is not only the best in the business, but easily highlights local music, as demonstrated in Canada via their Maple System. IASCA are the first to bring this technology to Europe and the only songwriters’ association to licence this technology to create a new service that will benefit both their members, the songwriters and artists of Ireland, and Irish media.

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