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Radioplayer to launch in Denmark

Radioplayer Worldwide has signed a licensing agreement with Danish broadcasters, to form Radioplayer Denmark. The new collaboration will use Radioplayer technology, designed and developed in partnership with broadcasters worldwide over the past eight years; enabling Danes to access radio stations across the country, with high quality sound, all in one place.
Denmark will become the tenth country to join the international Radioplayer platform, and there will be around 60 stations at launch, drawn from across the public service, private, and non-profit sectors. Marianne Bugge Zederkof, Director of Danske Medier, said: “Danish broadcasters are proud to be joining the Radiop l ayer family . We’re looking forward to adding our weight to the crucial work that Radioplayer i s doing, to secure radio’s place in the car dashboards and connected devices of the future.”

Radioplayer will launch in Denmark later this summer across multiple platforms, including an industry-wide web player, and world-leading apps for iOS and Android. The agreement will also see Danish broadcasters benefit from Radioplayer’s partnership with the Audi/VW group, DTS/Xperi, and other car manufacturers, ensuring that radio maintains its prominence in car dashboards with a smooth listener experience.

The Radioplayer model was first developed as a unique collaboration between the BBC and commercial radio in the UK, creating an innovative listening platform for the digital age. Unlike other radio aggregation models, each Radioplayer system is specific to the country in which it is launched, and operated by the stations it serves. There are shared technical standards for the browser Radioplayers, the radio-discovery apps, and the back-end systems which power them, but broadcasters retain control over their own branding, streaming, and commercial deals.

The Danish Radioplayer app will launch under the ‘mereRadio’ brand, using the Radioplayer styling, the red brand colour, and the same app icon as in other countries. Stations will be available through integrations with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Smart Device Link, Chromecast, smartwatches, and Sonos – all powered by the Radioplayer metadata platform. Each local system contributes to the ‘Worldwide Radioplayer API’, a single feed of radio station data for car firms and device manufacturers to access under licence. This can power new hybrid radio interfaces, capable of switching automatically between DAB, FM, and Streaming for seamless listening, regardless of connectivity.

Michael Hill, Radioplayer Managing Director said: “We look forward to Denmark becoming our ten th member country, and taking a seat at the Radioplayer Worldwide table. We may need to get a bigger one , as it looks like there ’ll be further country launches to announce soon. Radio broadcasters across Europe are waking up to the urgent need to collaborate, to meet the challenges and opportunities of our connected world.”

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