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Radio takes top spot in the Reuters News Report

Radio is the number one choice for Irish consumers when it comes to sourcing news. This was one of the main findings from the Reuters Institute Digital News Report, released today (14.06.18). The report, which is funded by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland, highlights a fall in the use of social media for accessing news, not only in Ireland but across the world. More about betting apps in nigeria

“Despite the onslaught of social media, today’s report on the consumption of news shows that radio is the news medium of choice for a large number of Irish people. Not only is radio top of the pile for news, Irish radio has the highest rate of listenership for news of all the 37 countries included in the survey” said John Purcell, Chairman of the Independent Broadcasters of Ireland (IBI).

“The phenomenon of fake news has caused people to question where and how they get their news. The lack of understanding of how news is created on social media platforms has resulted in a strong endorsement for so called traditional media. Irish audiences know that news on radio is balanced, fair, impartial and verified, all of which contribute to the high levels of trust in radio news. There is no algorithm or curation in radio news, we report the truth and audiences are flocking to our radio stations as a result. This is a strong endorsement of the valuable public service broadcasting contribution of local, regional and national radio stations to communities throughout Ireland” said Mr Purcell.

The Reuters report is funded by the BAI and compiled by the Institute for Future Media and Journalism (DCU)

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