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JNLR iPhone App Launched

Media industry can now access listenership data anytime, anywhere
11th March 2011: The Joint National Listenership Research Figures (JNLR) for every radio station in Ireland can now be accessed through a new iPhone app. The JNLR app has been created to put listenership data at the fingertips of the advertising and marketing community and others interested in Ireland’s media industry. It is available to download now through the iTunes store.
The JNLR app is a joint initiative between the Independent Broadcasters of Ireland, RTE, the Institute of Advertising Practitioners in Ireland (IAPI) and the Association of Advertisers in Ireland (AAI). The app will be updated each quarter after the publication of the new JNLR figures and will provide a one stop shop for access to all radio information. The JNLR figures are key data for advertisers when allocating budgets.  The ability to access these figures ‘on the go’ will help them in deciding on the most efficient allocation of advertising budgets, making life a lot easier.
Speaking at the launch of the JNLR app for iPhones, Scott Williams, Chairman of the Independent Broadcasters of Ireland said, “The radio sector has been a pioneer of new technologies embracing digital media, and social networks to engage more deeply with their listeners.  This JNLR app is using mobile technology to connect efficiently with our advertising partners.  A particularly useful function is that the app provides the user with a direct point of contact with each sales house and station to make dealing with radio stations even easier.”

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