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IBI Stations CLEARLY OUTSTRIP Combined RTÉ Market Share in every single radio franchise area in the country

An analysis of the Week Day Market Share of Ireland’s Independent Radio Stations shows that they far outstrip the combined total of all RTÉ stations in each of the country’s 17 independent radio franchise areas as well as in Dublin.

That’s according to the latest radio listenership data contained in the JNLR survey released today.

Nationally the combined might of Independent Radio commands 67.9% of the radio market between 7am and 7 pm each weekday while the RTÉ stations of RTÉ Radio 1, RTÉ 2FM and Lyric FM struggle to achieve 32.1% of the total market.

An analysis of RTÉ’s weekday market share shows that in Dublin, RTÉ stations are dwarfed by the capitals independent sector (Combined Independents = 60% daytime market share v Combined RTÉ stations at 40% daytime market share) while around the country national, regional and local independent stations outstrip the market share of all RTÉ radio stations in each of the 17 other franchise areas throughout the country

“Survey after survey we have to endure spin that suggests RTÉ commands the radio market in this country,” said John Purcell, Chairman of the Independent Broadcasters of Ireland “An examination of the JNLR data on a franchise area by franchise area basis reveals the picture that the RTÉ stations are comprehensively beaten in the listenership stakes everywhere around the country by Independent Radio while in the crucial Dublin market RTÉ stations are clinging on to only 40% of the market”.

“This survey is a timely reminder of the reality of the radio industry in Ireland. As the funding of RTÉ is being examined we’d like to remind politicians of this reality.  Despite the fact that RTÉ is a minority player in terms of audience they hold a virtual stranglehold on public funding from the license fee. This needs to change. We believe that this country needs a strong State Broadcaster however while RTÉ needs to survive, grow and develop, the independent sector must also be nurtured and the principle of ‘the money following the listener’ should be examined” he said.

The latest JNLR figures released today confirm the popularity of the independent radio stations in Ireland with more than 2.5 million listeners. 7 out of every 10 minutes listened to radio in Ireland is to an independent radio station.

JNLR Results Jan 31st ’13. Weekday Market Share 7am – 7pm. Source: JNLR/Ipsos MRBI/ 2012-4.

Franchise Area Any RTÉ Station Any IBI Station
Dublin 40% 60%
Kildare 37.8% 62.2%
Louth & Meath 31.9% 68.1%
Carlow & Kilkenny 31.8% 68.2%
Laois, Offaly & Westmeath 37.6% 62.4%
Wexford 30.6% 69.4%
Wicklow 46.6% 53.4%
Cork 28.8% 71.2%
Kerry 25%
Limerick 27.2% 74.7%
Tipperary 25.3% 74.7%
Waterford 23.5% 78.1%
Clare 21.9% 75%
Galway 32.2% 67.8%
Mayo 21.6% 78.4%
Roscommon, Longford & South Leitrim 27.6% 72.4%
South Donegal, Sligo & North Leitrim 23.2% 76.8%
Donegal North 16% 84%

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