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Monday 16 May 2011Radio: Where the imagined becomes real is the theme of a new campaign to encourage advertisers to increase their annual investment in radio.

Jointly developed by the Independent Broadcasters of Ireland and RTÉ Radio, the campaign will run on all 36 radio stations across Ireland from today.

The most recent JNLR figures, published on May 5, showed that 86% of respondents listen to radio every day with an average listening time of almost 4 hours.

According to Jim Jennings, RTÉ Radio 1, and Scott Williams, Chairman of the Independent Broadcasters of Ireland, the ubiquity of radio means that if an advertiser wants to reach multiple audiences, then they must be on radio.

Jim Jennings said; “With over 3 million people listening to radio every day, an integrated campaign on national, regional and local radio offers an ability to reach the target audience in a way no other medium can.  The creative potential of radio and its ability to connect with individuals in a personal way cannot be matched by other medium.  We see that close relationship every day in the immediate interaction between listeners and presenters, and the conversation that takes place via text, Twitter, Facebook and email”.

Scott Williams said: “Radio continues to thrive in the online environment. Research conducted for the recent IBI Broadcasting Conference showed that when people are on Facebook or web browsing they are listening to the radio at the same time. This clearly shows the multiplier effect of radio and highlights the importance of integrating radio and online advertising campaigns.”

This is the third year of the Choose Radio initiative and both Williams and Jennings are encouraged by the success of past campaigns.

Scott Williams said; “At the recent IBI conference, the industry was challenged by some agencies present to demonstrate our innovation and creativity.  I believe this campaign once again demonstrates that radio advertising can produce high quality, creative advertisements which stand out from the crowd”.

“The campaign has worked well to remind advertising agencies of the power of radio to sell to all consumer groups.  Radio’s loyal audience is a key strength as listeners are slower to switch channels during ad breaks.  This low ad avoidance makes radio advertising a very strong proposition”, added Jim Jennings.

Radio stations will broadcast the Choose Radio advertisement 3 times a day for the two weeks of the campaign.  The creative process was overseen by Jimmy Murphy and the team at Publicis QMP. Recording and post production was done in Mutiny Studios.

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