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CHOOSE RADIO 2012: €100,000 of Radio Advertising to be Won

We’re Irish and We Listen to the Radio more than Anyone Else in the Whole Wide World is the theme of the fourth annual Choose Radio campaign, which aims to encourage advertisers to invest in radio advertising by demonstrating its power and reach.

Jointly developed by the Independent Broadcasters of Ireland and RTÉ Radio, the campaign will broadcast on all 36 radio stations across Ireland from tomorrow (6th June). The ads are voiced by Mario Rosenstock.

Irish people have a unique relationship with radio, with people listening to 4 hours of radio every day according to the most recent JNLR figures.

Scott Williams, Chairman of the Independent Broadcasters of Ireland said: “Over 3 million Irish people listen to the radio every day and radio is at the heart of all Irish communities. Irish radio continues to thrive despite the decline in listenership witnessed in other countries. In fact, through social media and new technology, listeners have become more engaged with Irish radio than ever before.”

For the first time the Choose Radio campaign will offer Irish companies the chance to win €100,000 worth of radio advertising.

Antony Whittall, Commercial Director for RTÉ Radio said: “This is a fantastic opportunity for an Irish company to experience the power of radio advertising. No other medium has the creative potential of radio or the ability to connect with individuals in such a personal way. The Choose Radio campaign acts as a reminder to advertisers and marketing departments of the power of radio advertising.”

The campaign was developed by McCann Erickson. Orlaith Blaney, CEO at McCann Erickson said: “We were delighted to work with the Independent Broadcasters of Ireland and RTÉ Radio to promote the power of Irish radio. The Irish people adore radio as a medium, this is evidenced by how much radio Irish people actually listen to, compared to markets like the UK. At a time when businesses are trying to manage costs and maximise their return on investment, radio is an effective medium, particularly when a campaign is especially creative. Everyday, 3 million people switch on their radios in the car, in their home and in the workplace across Ireland. If you want to reach and sell to these people effectively, Choose Radio.’’

36 radio stations will broadcast the Choose Radio advertisements three times a day for the two week campaign.

To be in with a chance to win €100,000 worth of radio advertising visit

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