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3 Million still choose radio every day according to latest JNLR results

The latest JNLR results show that radio is still the Number 1 choice for a lot of Irish people.

In fact, three million of us tune in to radio every single day and the average adult is listening for over four hours daily.

Chairperson of the Choose Radio group, which represents all of Ireland’s radio station’s sales houses, Gabrielle Cummins says the figures are very positive for the Irish radio industry:

“Despite the plethora of audio options and listening choice available, Irish audiences still gravitate towards radio. Even in the younger demographic when the perception is that other audio is more prevalent, the opposite is actually true with 1 million 15-34 year olds choosing radio every day. Irish radio listeners are extremely loyal to the radio with 1.269 million people only listening to one radio station and 744,000 listening to two or more radio stations”

Watch the video with this quarter’s key JNLR figures

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