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Radiocentre Ireland Announces Appointment of Chief Executive Officer


Radiocentre Ireland, the new initiative established by RTE and Independent Broadcasters of Ireland (IBI) to promote radio as a marketing medium, has announced the appointment of Ciaran Cunningham as Chief Executive.

Mr Cunningham brings over 30 years of experience working in the agency sector to the new role.  Most recently he was CEO of Carat and Dentsu X, the media brands within the Dentsu Group. In this position he grew and developed Carat and Dentsu X to be one of the most successful media agencies in Ireland.

Commenting on the appointment, John Purcell, Chairman of Radiocentre Ireland said:

“Ciaran’s appointment as Chief Executive is great news for Radiocentre Ireland. This is a hugely exciting project which sees all Ireland’s radio operators coming together to promote the unbeatable reach and the unique relationships enjoyed by Irish radio with our millions of listeners.  Ciaran brings tremendous media experience, passion for radio and a wealth of insights, ideas and creativity to the role. We’re delighted to have him at the helm as we set out on our mission to spread the good news about Irish radio.”

Commenting on his appointment, Ciaran Cunningham said: ‘I am delighted to be taking on the role of Chief Executive of Radiocentre Ireland. My ambition is to use my experience to help shape the radio sector for the challenges and opportunities ahead. Radio, in all its forms, is incredibly popular with Irish people. It is also a very powerful medium for advertisers to grow their brands and services and I will be seeking to make radio an absolutely essential choice for advertisers into the future.”

Purcell said that Irish radio is constantly strengthening the reach and depth of its engagement with audiences using new formats and technologies and this presents many exciting opportunities for further growth and development of the medium. Radiocentre Ireland will have a leading role in developing greater understanding and appreciation for these opportunities, he said.

“The most recent JNLR Research shows that 3,175,000 adults listen to Irish radio stations every day,* with an average of 1,049,000 being tuned in on any given quarter hour** during primetime hours. Irish radio enjoys amazing relationships with listeners across a variety of platforms and commands a unique level of trust among audiences of all kinds, according to Purcell.  “As Chief Executive of Radiocentre Ireland, Ciaran will play a key role in helping advertisers, marketeers and agencies further unlock the true power of Irish radio,” he said.

*Source IPSOS MRBI JNLR 2021/3

**Source IPSOS MRBI JNLR 2021/3

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