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Ireland’s Independent Radio Stations reign supreme

The latest JNLR listenership figures published today showed that the number of people listening to independent radio has once again dwarfed that of RTÉ radio stations.  The JNLR results show that the combined strength of independent radio stations has a 67.2% share of the market in comparison to the state broadcaster which has 32.8%.

The listenership figures emerged as the broadcasting sector digests the implications of the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland’s review on the Funding of RTÉ and the introduction of a new Public Broadcasting Charge.  “The BAI has suggested that RTÉ require further public funding to remain relevant, but today’s JNLR figures prove how out of touch RTÉ radio stations are with Irish audiences,” said John Purcell, Chairman of the Independent Broadcasters of Ireland.  “With 2.46 million Irish adults tuning in every day, the programming broadcast by independent radio stations is proving to be most relevant to the audience, who value the Public Service Content broadcast by Independent Radio Stations.”

“The radio preferences of the Irish radio audience as seen in today’s JNLR figures need to be reflected in legislation. The Minister for Communications cannot ignore the radio choice of 70% of the adult population and continue to withhold funding of public service content on independent radio stations. The Government’s response to the BAI report highlighted the importance of ensuring public service broadcasting continues to be sufficiently well funded, which can only be achieved by supporting independent radio. I hope that this thinking is evident in the draft legislation.”

The latest JNLR figures released today confirm the popularity of the independent radio stations in Ireland with 2.46 million listeners.  7 out of every 10 minutes listened to radio in Ireland is to an independent radio station.

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